[200q20v] Re: Metal Radiator Musings............

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Mon Oct 1 09:56:26 EDT 2001

The main radiator plastic side tanks and necks are the
problem, as the plastic
top neck breaks off with expensive regularity. After the
first one I switched to all metal from Modine, available
from any good foreign rad shop for about $160. There are two
three other mfs for the same all-metal configuration. You
need to
have them add two 1" nipples directly opposite the main
nipples, and the aux rad then hooks up just fine.

In my experience what happens is the water pump goes out,
or one of the many hoses break, rapidly evacuating the water
from the top of the radiator.
Thermal shock then cracks the top nipple, which is not
immediately apparent, and which comes apart about three days
after you have torn the whole thing down to
replace the pump. Then you get to replace the radiator.
With the all-metal radiator the whole problem goes away, and
I can
tell you the peace of mind is worth it, to say nothing of
having paid less for a permanent metal solution.

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