[200q20v] UrS4 spotting Saturday, NY Westchester

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I have a 1995 S6 with a bunch of engine mods, 18" wheels SSR Integral
GT-1's, silver outside color, all limo tinted, I live in St Joseph, MI.

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There are three Ur-s cars on one road in my town! Well, five if you
count 200 20v's-
Only one of the owners I know though. There are two green '92 S4's, a
silver S4 with
eurolights, Porsche big reds, 18" rims, tinted, and I dont know what
done under the
hood. Then there is my 91 200 (white) and a brugundy 91 200 20v that
appeared a few
weeks ago. Go figure! I also know of one other 91 200 in my town- a lago
blue one.
Anyone on the list have a 200 or S4 in Holland MI?


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