FW: [200q20v] soft boost?

Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Tue Oct 2 16:48:09 EDT 2001

  I discounted the code showing WGFV disconnected (yellow check engine light
will flash intermittantly to remind me anyway). I used to be able  to pull
about 14-15 psi with no WGFV and stock spring with shims. I also did not
have anywhere need the lag to get there. I went to T-P WG spring because I
got faster ramp up. If I shim the T-P WG spring, I run into the 2.5 bar PT
cutout. If I have nothing to worry about, then I'll just go back to looking
for ways to go faster!! Thx
91 200qa

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Just for grins, I disconnected the WGFV. Interestingly, the car will only
pull about 10psi, and is sluggish to get there. Normally pulls 21-22 peak...
Is this an anomoly because of the slightly bigger turbo, or is
there something wrong? BTW, no codes showing up. TIA
91 200qa(waiting for its GP RS2 EC)

No, it's exactly what my car does.  I would think you'd have a 4442 code,
since the circuit would be open.  I haven't run a fault code when i did this
exact same test, though.  Aside from no code, it would appear to normal.

'91 200q20v with a few mods...

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