[200q20v] RE: [s-cars] Delrin/ urethane bushing alternative

Kaklikian, Gary Gary.Kaklikian at compaq.com
Tue Oct 2 21:46:28 EDT 2001

I spoke with Shine Racing earlier this year about control arm bushings
for my 4000tq.  They said they could fit their Teflon bearings to this
application.  At the time, I had poor luck with urethane bushings and
switched to delrin.  Well, after less than 10 track days, the delrin
bushings have begun to creak and apparently there is some deflection
occuring since handling does not seem quite as precise as before. Yet,
all of the control arm bolts are tight. So, I plan to contact Shine
Racing again to see what they can do and, if necessary, send them a new
set of control arms to fit their bearings to.
I'll keep you posted on how this works out, but since I've also got
engine problems with the car now, it will be a while.

Gary Kaklikian
'86 4ktq
'92 S4 

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> I happened upon this fascinating site today:  Shine Racing, a VW tuner
> in MA
> makes a needle bearing bushing insert for suspension control arms.
> The
> advantage would be near zero friction in the suspension movement, with
> zero
> play.  (maybe a bad thing as has been discussed, if we assume mass
> production engineering factors in some slop here to accomodate
> production
> variances)  
> In any event, I'm curious to know if anyone has pursued this for Audi
> applications.
>  http://www.srsvw.com/basic.htm
> A step by step Porsche installation:
> http://www.all914.com/projects/ScottY/Part1/index.htm
> Brandon Hull
> eS2
> 911SC
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