[200q20v] Big Brake Upgrade Advice

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Wed Oct 3 14:00:39 EDT 2001

If an in-the-box kit isn't necessary, ( you order the parts yourself )
BIRA http://www.bira.org/ has an edge in price over equivalents from
the BigBrake sellers.  You can get the same setup if you have S4 struts
but your current UFO status can be limiting.  BIRA is finishing up a
compatible design for UFO replacement.

Check 'em out, I'm running System 6 and will be writing up my results
to post on the BIRA site; Greg Amy ( father of BIRA ) has put the same
system on his 2000 neu-S4.  I think the UFO rig will be System 1 and
it usually fits under most 16" wheels.

An interesting note, since BIRA has gained some notice, the prices of
the kit sellers have dived....hmmmm, scary pigs.


"Richard E. Berlin, Jr." wrote:
> I am currently running 2 sets of rims on my Avant, 17X8's in the summer,
> and Avus S4 16X8's in the winter. I would like to upgrade my tiring
> UFO's, and wonder whose upgrade pack will fit the AVUS rims.  I assume
> the 17X8 BBS's will accept all upgrades.  Any experts care to advise me
> where to go and what to ask for??
> Many thanks!!
> Richard E. Berlin, Jr.
> '91 200q20v Avant, 67k,  Indigo/platinum, IA III+
> Email: ?rberlin at feltonberlin.com?
> (978) 548-3737 (Boston area)

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