[200q20v] soundgate problems?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Oct 3 13:45:09 EDT 2001

Anyone had trouble with the Soundgate adapter for bozo systems, part 
number AUB1?  I think the shop that installed it screwed up the 
wiring, but after a few minutes of operation, there's a lot of 
static/interference, and shutting off the radio after the 
interference starts, results in a loud amp pop(not normally heard 
when shutting off, only after the static starts.)

Soundgate thinks the adapter is possibly miswired, but beyond that 
they're not being much help.  Their "superior technical service" 
seems to be "talk to your local dealer that screwed up the install in 
the first place."(The shop that installed it twisted wires together, 
then applied electrical tape over the connections.  I was horrified.)

As is, I'm having trouble getting the head unit out to look 
at/properly connect the wiring.  Seems like it was forced into place; 
even with two different DIN tools, one supplied by Blaupunkt, the 
other supplied by Crutchfield, I can't seem to get it to come out. 
The DIN tools were difficult to get latched on, and then difficult to 
get out of the radio...<sigh>...

Brett Dikeman
brett at cloud9.[nospam]net

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