[200q20v] Fan fusible link question

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At 07:57 AM 10/04/2001 -0400, Edwards, Gregg wrote:

>The fuse must be rated to handle the peak current (80A) for the short
>duration of fan turn on,(milliseconds) period, after that I would doubt that
>the fan would draw more than 30A in a steady state(continuously running).
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>I must concur with david.  I went to my local
>dealership this summer to pick up a few things and I
>got a 30amp fusible link too.
>The parts guy had them and a few other "popular" parts
>right by the front desk in several bins (my radiator
>thermoswitch was by the front desk too).
>My suspicion is that Audi changed the design slightly
>of the fusible link assembly.  I seem to recall seeing
>a picture of a new assembly which uses 2 fusible links
>running parallel about an inch apart where our
>original assemblies only have a single fuse point.

Again, I'd examine the stamping on the fusible link.  It's supposed to 
read  "80"  but if not stamped correctly,  that could look like 
"30".   That  turned out to be exactly what happened in the case of the 
fusible link described by the original poster in this current thread.
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