[200q20v] Yikes! Fuel Leak

Rob Winchell rbwinchell at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 5 07:50:30 EDT 2001

After starting my car today, I felt like I smelled gas
more than I should. I popped the hood for a little

There was a LOT of gas dripping from the fuel
regulator. By a lot I would say 2-3 tablespoons per
minute (had I let it go that long). The leak appears
to be coming from where the regulator attaches to the
fuel rail. I can't really see in there very well,
since it goes up behind the intake manifold.

Anyone have an experience with this? It may just be a
loose connection I guess, which would be nice. Is
leaking like that a failure mode for the pressure
regulator? Am I going to need to remove the manifold
to get in there?

Rob Winchell

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