[200q20v] Parting 200 20V's

Tomsaudi200 at aol.com Tomsaudi200 at aol.com
Mon Oct 8 02:59:51 EDT 2001

No disrespect to any of the posters here, but this is at least the second 
time this year I've read a post of someone parting out their '91 200 20V 
Quattro. Again, let me preface this by not knowing their motivation for doing 
so (fire, flood, theft, accident damageor otherwise).

This has lead me to wonder now, after 11 model years have passed since Audi 
minted these fantastic automobiles, how many are left in America? Bearing in 
mind the estimated 800 sedans and 200 Avants...

1. I've seen the pics of torched 200's from the Bose speaker fires
2. This is, after all, a cult car. Few know what this car is, and it was 
built during a dark period for Audi in America; thus there are few people out 
there (apart from us) who would do all possible to keep the thing on the road.
3. I consider the 200 20V the Grandfather of the now famed S-series Audi's.
4. How many people just sent this car to the scrap heap when they were done 
with it?

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