[200q20v] New 1991 200tq 20v

Dmohlemacher at aol.com Dmohlemacher at aol.com
Mon Oct 8 05:32:30 EDT 2001

Hey guys,

I'm back.  I just picked up fellow list member James (Jim) Austin's 1991 
200tq 20v sedan.

I used to have a 1991 200tq 20v wagon, that met with a untimely demise in 
June 2000  :(

I also used to have a 1990 80q and a 1989 90q.  So a big "Hi" to anyone who 
may remember me from any of the lists.

I'll have a long list of questions, but for now I'm just looking for a little 
radio installation assist.

1- Illumination wire from radio (Blaupunkt CD5 Casablanca) - goes to where 
from the stock harnesses?

2- I can get the front passenger door amplified speaker to work, but not the 
driver's side.  Can someone tell me the wires to connect and/or what you 
might have put in the door panel instead of the Audi/Bose unit.

3- The CD5 also has the auto-sound feature that raises and lowers the sound 
level with the car's speedo or tach, any ideas where I might hook that wire 
up to?

Thanks, pictures and more car specific details coming soon.

Dave Ohlemacher
1991 200tq 20v
Dayton, OH

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