[200q20v] Noisy Water Pump after 2500 miles? Wha???

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Tue Oct 9 15:15:23 EDT 2001

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> A few weeks ago, I noticed a "bad bearing rumbling" type of
> noise very similar to the last time I had a water pump go out on a car. I 
> do
> NOT have a power steering pump or A/C compressor, and the noise definitely
> seems to be coming from the front of the block. It is only noticeable at
> idle, and has not seemed to get worse in the 200 miles or so I have driven
> the car since I first noticed it. The motor is a 3B (20vt). 

Are you sure it's coming from the WP?  I've had a similar sounding noise 
before on my '85 4KQ, and it ended up being bad bearing/s in the alternator.  
Use the real or fake (long screwdriver) stethoscope test to narrow down the 
problem.  The only other thing I can think of (but usually quite quiet) would 
be the oil pump.

'91 200q20v with a few mods...
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