[200q20v] Out of service for the winter....

Gronberg fussball_200 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 17:54:27 EDT 2001

Hey all,
   I am planning on putting my 200 out of service for this winter and fixing all of
the "difficulties" I am having with it. Here are my plans as of today

    * I am burning about 2-3 qts of oil every 1000 miles, this NEEDS to be fixed,
possibilities? I am thinking valve stem seals, turbo problems, or something else...
any advice? It usually puffs smoke on start-up, when it gets to high temperature
while idling, and on full throttle. It shows 150+ psi compression on all cylinders,
though I have not done a leak down test.

     * I have a problem with the running of the car when the heater or AC is on- I
think it may be ECU related... I am still having major leaks in my passenger
footwell (though the ECU is quadruple bagged and taped up..) I might go through and
check voltages and resistances, or see if there is a person that knows anything
about Motronic ECUs

      * My left front fender is dented (more than "dinged"), and I am either going
to have someone fix the dent (it is right on the fender flare though- rather complex
curves...) or I am trying to get a used one (I have had two deals fall through on me

  * Finally I think I am going to inspect all of the suspension bushings, and
replace them if needed.

      So, I ask if anyone anyone has completely rebuilt a 3B motor before, and also,
what should I be looking at for causes of the oil burning? And, what are good
sources for rebuild parts (are there any?) And, does any one have a left front

Also, in case anyone is curious, my interim vehicle is a 1994 Isuzu Trooper, I was
debating between that and a Jeep Cherokee, and the Trooper is just a much more
refined car all around, and less expensive..

    Have a good day everyone, 
             John Gronberg

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