[200q20v] Noisy Water Pump after 2500 miles? Wha???

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Wed Oct 10 12:29:12 EDT 2001


I learned this the hard way when becoming "educated" in doing 7a and 3b 
timing belts - the Bentley rule of thumb is being able to twist the TB 90 
degrees between thumb and index finger...as Ned of IA later pointed out to 
me, it's how easily you can do this that makes the difference - too loose 
and you may skip a tooth, too tight and you'll hear the "turkey gobble" 
from the front end.


At 11:13 AM 10/10/2001 -0400, QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:
>I replaced my water pump approx. 9 months and 2500 miles ago along with the
>timing belt. A few weeks ago, I noticed a "bad bearing rumbling" type of
>noise very similar to the last time I had a water pump go out on a car. I do
>A Timing Belt too tight.
>B  Idler pulley making noise
>C  water pump making noise
>D  Cam grinding on #1 journal
>B>C>D because of A
>E  Alternator bearings, or belt too tight
>I see it all the time in my shop, even from dealers.
>Scott Justusson
>QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
>NOT have a power steering pump or A/C compressor, and the noise definitely
>seems to be coming from the front of the block. It is only noticeable at
>idle, and has not seemed to get worse in the 200 miles or so I have driven
>the car since I first noticed it. The motor is a 3B (20vt). Has anybody else
>had a similar experience? Is it possible that the part could function
>normally for quite a while, just more noisy than normal? I will most likely
>be "undressing" the front end of the car for some other work this winter, so
>I may just swap another one in at that point. Any BTDT, Advice, opinions?
>Thanks and Best to All,
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