[200q20v] Audi Bose update

Jagernauth, Stephen, BMSLS sjagernauth at ems.att.com
Wed Oct 10 12:52:13 EDT 2001


>Hah! Audi took a couple of years to even consider replacing their '91 model
Bose rear speakers with ones that don't attempt to >turn the car and its
contents into a smoking pile of ash! But at least you have no worries about
_that_ possibility in your Avant, 
>which has no rear Bose speakers. 

I've been offlist for about a year, busy with building a house
among other things.   Getting time and $ now for Audi work. 
Did I miss something or did Audi finally do something about 
replacing the rear speakers?     
Please fill me in, I'm tired of my single staticky front speaker.


Steve Jagernauth sjagernauth at att.com
'91 200TQ 

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