[200q20v] Hose job for 3B?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Oct 10 19:59:13 EDT 2001

I am no expert on this, but some things to look at replacing:

There is a small hose under the timing belt cover that should be
replaced next time you do the belt- apparently this hose, if it
fails, can cause engine failure and you can't inspect it because
of its placement.

I would also get a new heater core valve (those things fail and
will strand your car when it does), the Y-shaped upper radiator
hose, the hose from the main to aux radiators, the hose to the
aux water pump and the hose to the heater core as well as the
thermostat. That should pretty much take care of it.

The alternative to the Y-shaped hose, which I don't know why no
one has ever fabricated, would be to get a Y or T section of metal
and have separate hoses for each "arm" of the Y. That would be
a lot easier to replace.

Has anyone done silicone cooling hoses and are they available?
Is that pure overkill? I already have Samco boost hoses....


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