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Thu Oct 11 03:04:00 EDT 2001

1990 10V 200 TQavant dreaming for 1991 20V.......anyway,
In response to Steve Jagernauth's post I am most interested in your plight as 
I have to get off my butt and do mine too.
Have the top Special "socket" ($45) which I think you mention as the problem 
in tightening the strut top nut while keeping the shaft from spinning and not 
getting a true torque tightening it back down.  
       Question:  Since I haven't  gotten that far yet, will I need a larger 
one like from Zelenda Automotive Forest Hills, NY 11374 that Vw's use?  
Larger than the 22MM (I think?) Audi one for O.E. struts?
On the lower part...........................
Bilstein SWEARS that the wrenches for the "collar" nut to holds the strut 
cartridge in the strut assembly is included in each packaged "shock".
Five out of the six Bilstein boxes I got (2 returns) no wrench.  Bilstein 
service rep PAINFULLY sent me one after repeatedly telling me he couldn't. - 
not supposed to-

The Damper Wrench" #2069A pg 6 of the Zelenda Automotive catalog is $45.80 
which Chris Semple of ForceFive.com  in Concord NH sold me his to start the 
job over the weekend.  
Now once that "special wrench/socket" is used I (and you'll) have to use the 
special Bilstein supplied collar wrench to tighten the inserts in the 
assembly. -which I got another in the 6th box I bought. ~130 ft lbs I 

Follow the Bentley about removing the hub bolt and disassembling the whole 
thing as I left it (book) in the office and tried to "cheat" by undoing from 
the top down.
It didn't pan out.  But I was trying to install lower springs at the same 
time before I got the "damper" wrench...........

I would try to see if the strut bearing (and even the springs) could come out 
by tearing down the assembly from the top after the strut cartridge is out 
using the "damper wrench".

Question:  Anyone BTDT?  Can this be done?
in my case can I swap out springs and reassemble the coil, bearings and top 
camber adjustments without taking the whole strut assembly off the car?

In a message dated 10/11/01 12:45:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
200q20v-request at audifans.com writes:
> Installing new Bilstein Sport inserts/shocks to replace
> worn stock struts/shocks.  I have the special Audi 'socket'
> tool to do this having replaced several previous Type 44s with Boge TG but
> Bilstein has a larger piston and therefore different large top nut with
> special wrench to tighten.  Not changing springs, I'm happy with stock.
> Also, can
> I change upper strut bearings if I can compress the spring on the car?
> Has anyone changed to Bilstein on the car w/o further disassembly?
> I have spring compressors and air ready for the rear.
> Regards,
> Steve Jagernauth sjagernauth at att.com
> '91 200TQ 

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