[200q20v] Alignment problems and Bilstein inserts

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 11 11:22:29 EDT 2001

Hey all,

What is your front camber set too?  I believe it should be dialed to 0.5 
negative camber.  As to why you can't get them even on both sides, I guess 
front end straightness could come into play.  Another thing I thought about 
when I was having alignment woes was whether or not the front subframe was 
centered on the front of the car.

If your car is limited in camber adjustment (either pos. or neg.) on the 
front end, did you look and see whether the bolts that go through the camber 
adjustment plate are at the end of the adjustment range on either end?  
Along these lines, if the Igor camber adjustment plate is what I'm thinking 
of (elongated camber adjustment slots on camber adjustment plate), can't see 
wahy that wouldn't work on the 200 as well.  Be more of a band-aid, but...

As to tire wear, I believe misadjustment of toe will lend itself more to 
premature tire wear than camber.  As an aside, also recently heard that a 
more positive camber adjustment will help decrease tramlining (for those of 
you affected).

Now for Bilsteins...

Never btdt with an on car replacement, I'd say it's technicaly possible, but 
realistically challenging.  With the "damper tool" you'll be able to get the 
old strut out, and the new bilstein in, but I think your main problem is 
going to be getting the bilstein collar nut tightened back up to spec.  I 
believe I've heard of people using chain wrenches (how to through the 
spring?) to tighten the retaining nut, and with the bilstein tool design, 
I'd say that's really your only solution... that is unless you want to drive 
around with the bilstein tightening tool on the strut cartridge, or maybe 
cut it prior to or after install.

I will also go out on a limb here (pretty safe one I'd say although no btdt) 
and say on car replacement of the strut bearing, camber plate, or spring for 
that matter is not possible.  That's going to require strut removal, and a 
spring compressor.

Derek P

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