[200q20v] Another fusible link question

Dave Haupt quattrodave at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 00:40:13 EDT 2001

OK, so I looked at it, looked at it again, read
emails, wrote incorrectly to a few....sorry!

The fusible link, as shipped by Carlsen, is, indeed, a
30 amp link.  Has anybody actually measured the
steady-state current consumption of the motor at the
various speeds?  I have to admit, even though there
are lots of references to 70 amps worth of fusible
link, that smacks of downright dangerous engineering -
the wiring for the fan motor includes some fairly long
runs of 10 gauge wire, which would certainly catch
fire at a steady 70 amps.

So the current trouble is this: the fusible link
fitment box came without screws.  I'm sure they have
to be some sort of brass metric screw.  Anybody have
an idea what size they are and where I can mail order
them without having to spend yet more of my employer's
long distance money during working hours?  Or maybe an
Audi PN, so I can try to get the local VW dealer (I'm
120 miles from the nearest interested Audi dealer) to
get some for me?

I guess I'll keep plugging away at this until it's
done.  This repair started August 13th....



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