[200q20v] Another fusible link question

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Oct 12 10:46:48 EDT 2001

ETKA calls for an 80-amp fusible link.   Someone posted that newer Audis 
have TWO fusible links, so two 30's might be appropriate for their 
application, and that may be what Carlsen sent you.

The mounting screws for the box are  N 013 966 26.  They're self-tapping 
4.2X13STC whatever that means.

The screws to secure the fusible link to the box are  N 014 128 
11.  They're an M5X8.

At 11:40 PM 10/11/2001 -0700, Dave Haupt wrote:

>OK, so I looked at it, looked at it again, read
>emails, wrote incorrectly to a few....sorry!
>The fusible link, as shipped by Carlsen, is, indeed, a
>30 amp link.  Has anybody actually measured the
>steady-state current consumption of the motor at the
>various speeds?  I have to admit, even though there
>are lots of references to 70 amps worth of fusible
>link, that smacks of downright dangerous engineering -
>the wiring for the fan motor includes some fairly long
>runs of 10 gauge wire, which would certainly catch
>fire at a steady 70 amps.
>So the current trouble is this: the fusible link
>fitment box came without screws.  I'm sure they have
>to be some sort of brass metric screw.  Anybody have
>an idea what size they are and where I can mail order
>them without having to spend yet more of my employer's
>long distance money during working hours?  Or maybe an
>Audi PN, so I can try to get the local VW dealer (I'm
>120 miles from the nearest interested Audi dealer) to
>get some for me?
>I guess I'll keep plugging away at this until it's
>done.  This repair started August 13th....
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