[200q20v] re: UFO brake pads sale at TPC

Jagernauth, Stephen, BMSLS sjagernauth at ems.att.com
Fri Oct 12 12:00:35 EDT 2001

>Brake Pad Set-Front-OE Jurid:                                        $81.95
>(441 698 151D)  Audi Models With ATE "UFO" Brake Discs

FYI, I just got a set last week from Rusty Collins at Wholesale Svc and
for $73, his list was $110, I said that was too high, then he lowered it to
Also got Bosch F5DPOR for $12.50 and bought a bunch of other stuff, filters,
Bilsteins etc.  Best part is most of his stuff came in overnight since the
were drop-shipped from a local distributor.
I also tried 2 aftermarket pads and they did not install easily because the
Jurid FF526 comes with the correct clips on the inner pad which makes this
much easier. 
Wholesale Parts 800-741-5252 x25 for Rusty
.....just a very satisfied customer 
p.s. got E320 OEM rotors for $26 in MB box vs. $55 at dealer from Wholesale.


Steve Jagernauth sjagernauth at att.com
'91 200TQ 

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