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At 6:03 PM -0400 10/12/01, C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
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>>  Do to my failure to proof my last question at the late hour, I will try to
>>   be coherent ; I am trying to power up the factory telephone, the phone
>>   say it needs power, it should light up even though I do not have a carrier
>>   yet. I can not locate a fused circuit for it, can anyone help?
>There should be a "brain" in the trunk on the right side fender.  There might
>be a fuse beneath it, under the liner.  You should be able to back probe the
>wiring harness to see if there is power.

No there isn't a fuse located there, but there is a 5A fuse that's 
under the rear seat, but I've forgotten its purpose.

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