[200q20v] Noise, Dist or chain?

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Fri Oct 12 21:09:38 EDT 2001


Someone posted something that caught my eye.  I think the post was about a
noise during cold starts that lasts till a litle heat is built up.  I think
I read it here but maybe it was the S/46 list as the RS2 cams come in and
replacements are planned.

With the cold weather coming I expect to hear a kind of hard to describe
noise, maybe call it a rattle.  Comes from the top of the engine and last
for the first few minutes.

I thought it was the dist and have planned on a replacement.  But does
someone out there think it is the chain drive for the cams?  I've got 183k
on the chain.  Ideas.


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