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DanMurphy1 at aol.com DanMurphy1 at aol.com
Fri Oct 12 23:53:49 EDT 2001

Hello all, my name is Dan and I am a new owner of a 91 200tq. Just picked it 
up today, took a 2 hour train ride up to drive it back on a 4 hour drive, yes 
I am Audi -holic, this makes my fourth type 44 added to the driveway, two 
10valve tq's, a v8 and finally a 20 valvetq. I blame it all on the day I 
picked up a copy of Ecar mag. that featured a half dozen or so Audis, yea,the 
one with a "super car buy" showing a red 200tq,. Anyway, 115,000 miles all 
stock, good condition mech., body is so so, a daily driver, never been tuned, 
original timing belt, I think,but wait, a zero deductable, two year, 
unlimited mile warranty covering everything, including turbo. So I took it, 
final price after haggle of $5000.00 including warranty. Oh boy, the wife is 
going to love this car. Now for the help part. I will do a tune-up, etc., 
changing of fluids, run codes etc., getting pretty good at this, I just 
follow SJM's site with whatever he says I do, learned the hard way, to get it 
up to snuff. My question is, with this warranty should I go ahead and do the 
timing belt? This is the first car bought from a used car dealer. Anyone no 
if this type of warranty is worth anything? My mind tells me to spend the 
money on those new wheels and tires instead, my gut says better change the 
belt. Speaking of tires , the car needs some. The wheels are stock 15in. bbs 
type, car not lowered,ufo's, my search and findings are 225-60's slight rub 
if there is a wrinkle in the plastic fender wells, some say they stuff much 
larger size's in there,
I have a heat gun that will mold the liner to the sheet metal if needed, will 
a 235-60 fit on the stock rims and tuck into the fender wells on the front 
and rear?ABTDT's. I am in the process of trying to get a dyno run on the car 
as is, The car runs smooth and knowing I have this er warranty i didn't hold 
back on the drive home,first gear-hold on, 2nd gear-hmmm, where did the boost 
go, 1.3-1.4 bar on the stoch gauge, but flat, not alot of pull and upper rpm 
power, maybe I am to used to 17lbs of boost on my chipped 10 valve cars. Is 
the stock 20 valve supposed to read 1.8 bar, or did I misunderstand. Will 
post the dyno results if I can get it set up for testing. Sorry if most of 
the questions hve been asked a million times but could not find answers to 
most in the archives.
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