[200q20v] 200q20v stalls while shifting - Advice?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 14 13:52:50 EDT 2001

Have you checked the bypass valve? I had a similar problem when
I was coasting, put the clutch in as I stopped in everyday driving,
and the car would stall occasionally.

I replaced the bypass valve with a Bailey valve and no problems
ever since. This was with stock boost, no less. With a chipped car,
expect to replace the factory Bosch valves annually for best performance.

I'm not really trying to push aftermarket valves (this came up in
a different thread as well), but I believe that the stouter piston-type
valves have greater longevity. I hate fixing stuff multiple times, so
that's why I went with the $160 solution rather than the $35 one. Now
Bernie is going to roast me for that suggestion. :-)


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Recently my 200q20v began to stall while shifting.  Does not happen every
shift but a couple of times a day while shifting I press clutch and it

Any ideas what I should look for?

Thanks in advance,


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