[200q20v] Newbie that needs help

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Oct 14 18:34:35 EDT 2001

At 10:53 PM -0400 10/12/01, DanMurphy1 at aol.com wrote:
>Hello all, my name is Dan and I am a new owner of a 91 200tq. Just picked
>it up today, took a 2 hour train ride up to drive it back on a 4 hour
>drive, yes I am Audi -holic, this makes my fourth type 44 added to the
>driveway, two 10valve tq's, a v8 and finally a 20 valvetq. I blame it all
>on the day I picked up a copy of Ecar mag. that featured a half dozen or
>so Audis, yea,the one with a "super car buy" showing a red 200tq,. Anyway,
>115,000 miles all stock, good condition mech., body is so so, a daily
>driver, never been tuned, original timing belt, I think,but wait, a zero
>deductable, two year, unlimited mile warranty covering everything,
>including turbo. So I took it, final price after haggle of $5000.00
>including warranty. Oh boy, the wife is going to love this car. Now for
>the help part. I will do a tune-up, etc., changing of fluids, run codes
>etc., getting pretty good at this, I just follow SJM's site with whatever
>he says I d! o, learned the hard way, to get it up to snuff. My question
>is, with this warranty should I go ahead and do the timing belt? This is
>the first car bought from a used car dealer. Anyone no if this type of
>warranty is worth anything? My mind tells me to spend the money on those
>new wheels and tires instead, my gut says better change the belt. Speaking
>of tires , the car needs some. The wheels are stock 15in. bbs type, car
>not lowered,ufo's, my search and findings are 225-60's slight rub if there
>is a wrinkle in the plastic fender wells, some say they stuff much larger
>size's in there,
>I have a heat gun that will mold the liner to the sheet metal if needed,
>will a 235-60 fit on the stock rims and tuck into the fender wells on the
>front and rear?

I've found that my 225-60/15 tires ***barely** clear, and--as you
mentioned, with need (at least sometimes) to unwrinkle the rear plastic
liner. So why press for an even larger (excessively large, IMHO) tire? The
225-60 is _big_ hunk o' rubber already, and you should be able to find
decent tire in that size I'd expect. I still am  highly recommending the
summer tires I run on at present. I've just finished my second season (and
three QCUSA track events) on them. They will , I believe, do at least
another season and couple of events. These are Firestone Firehawk SZ-50ep,
a Z-rated high-performance tire with excellent dry and wet traction, very

The boost shortage you describe could be wastegate frequency valve
malfunction or possibly a leak in the throttle overrun (bypass) valve that
Taka mentioned (and/or the vac hose leading to it)


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