[200q20v] Bilstein follow-up and alignment

Jagernauth, Stephen, BMSLS sjagernauth at ems.att.com
Mon Oct 15 13:30:20 EDT 2001

After spending hours on Saturday washing, polishing,
waxing and cleaning the carpet, on Sunday I decided to
have a go at installing my Bilstein inserts.

Pretty uneventful, tips for anyone DIY:
jack up slightly for access and unloading strut,
this also helps with aligning very stiff Bilstein with
upper strut mount w/o the need for compressing,
I used a piece of 2x4 to lever strut to line up mount,
this was the hardest part doing it alone.  I ended up not
using the Bilstein-supplied wrench, I just used a very
large 15" Channel-Lock pliers and tightened as tight
as I could.  There was no way to get the wrench in there.

I notice that my car has way too much negative camber
with the struts pushed in to the limit in the slotted upper mount
and the corresponding wear on inside of tires.   Does anyone
know what is the maximum negative camber at this setting?
I will be getting new front tires and full alignment after changing
the rear shocks.


Steve Jagernauth sjagernauth at att.com
'91 200TQ 

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