Sv: [200q20v] oil mist filter/trap?

Claus Vegener vegener at
Wed Oct 17 01:58:35 EDT 2001

I have used IA 2.5 Bar for one year and were very happy 
with that - but more want more - -
IA Stage 5 is
3 Bar boost sensor for running 2.7 Bar boost
fuel and boost chips
Garrett T04/50 turbo
IA exhaust manifold
RS2 MAF and fuel injectors
Audi sport intake hose from MAF to turbo.

There is a lot of custom fit because only
exhaust and compressor side of turbo fit the original parts
(downpipe and hose to IC)
Intake hose have hole for crankcase breather placed elsewhere and
the hole for wastegate frequency valve is missing.
Water and oil connections are different too.

Be prepared for exchanging boost hoses to silicone too.

The swap takes some time and in the start give some problems
with the hoses jumping around.

Result: 370 Hp @6000 rpm and 460 Nm @ 3950 rpm;
I had an error inside the boost chip giving over boost condition.

Got a new chip but in the mean time the turbo spun the bearings -
don't know why - and I have just got the replacement set back
and have not installed it yet.

And here is the NOS coming in
I had to re-mount the kkk24 and use a spring load in the WG
instead of the programmed boost curve (the kkk24 would have
spun too -) (expect close to 300 Hp ; 0-60 mph = 5.52 sec)
and for some competition I installed a simple N2O giving
100 - 150 Hp extra 
0-60 < 5 sec; 1/4 mile 12.96 @ 112 mph (G-TechPro)

When I remount the Garrett T04/50 I will have to exchange
nozzles of the NOS to only 50+ Hp.
The 3B rods is supposed to bend close to 450 Hp.
but I plan to rebuild my old 3B engine with Carillo rods
and then ----

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