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I didn;t even bother going to the stealer, er, dealer. Local dealer is
outragous on most things. He marks things up over list and then takes his
"discount' from there. I have met a couple of the parts guys and can usually
get 20% of real list (jobber rate), but list lore is that this is very
expensive, confirmed by my headliner guy. 

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I am trying to decide what to do on my headliner also. Only my sunroof is 
falling now, but I am sure the rest of the roof will follow soon.

Just curious. Did you price the complete headliner replacement at a dealer?
I am sure it is too expensive, but I was just curious.

My GTI headliner is much simpler, but it was only $105 complete (no sunroof 
I guess I was foolishly hoping that the Audi headliner might be less than 
$200-$300, making it a reasonably priced alternative to a shop and with a 
perfect match.

Steve Hauptmann
Columbia, SC
91 200 20v hoppen chip
87 GTI
89 911

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