[200q20v] Value of 1991 200TQ 20V with blown engine?

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Thu Oct 18 18:10:45 EDT 2001

Sorry to speculate so pessimistically, but my guess is the value is just
about nil.  But I have heard tales of factory long blocks at fairly
affordable prices say $1500 if memory serves.  If true maybe worth someone's


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> Hello,
> A local Audi enthusiast has a stock Pearl white 1991 200TQ 
> 20V with 117k 
> miles which recently suffered a thrown rod out the side of 
> the engine block.
> He is seeking advice on what this car would sell for in this 
> condition, as 
> he may not be able to fund the engine replacement costs.
> The car has the stock BBS wheels with D60 tires, the gray 
> leather comfort 
> seats are in good shape. The body is in good shape with no 
> major issues.
> Any thoughts on its value? Any interested buyers?
> The car is located in Portland, Oregon
> Thanks in advance
> Scott
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