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Sedan or Avant? Photos? -Scott too far away? Boston
BTW throwing a rod at 117K?  How hard was this driven? 
-Scott too far away? Boston
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> Value of 1991 200TQ 20V with blown engine? Hello, A local Audi enthusiast 
> has a stock Pearl white 1991 200TQ 20V with 117k miles which recently 
> suffered a thrown rod out the side of the engine block. He is seeking 
> advice on what this car would sell for in this condition, as he may not be 
> able to fund the engine replacement costs. The car has the stock BBS wheels 
> with D60 tires, the gray leather comfort seats are in good shape. The body 
> is in good shape with no major issues. Any thoughts on its value? Any 
> interested buyers? The car is located in Portland, Oregon Thanks in advance 

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