[200q20v] Re: Blown engine in 200TQ 20V

Scott M. scottmo at teleport.com
Fri Oct 19 11:27:11 EDT 2001

Thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts on the value of the 1991 200TQ 
20V with the hole in the  block feature. I will forward them to my friend 
who owns the car.

For those who inquired about the reason for the failure, I don't know at 
the moment, but will report any findings if I end up yanking out the 
engine. I don't have much service history on the car, as this was the first 
time I had looked at his engine. I don't like finding holes in 20V engine 

My friend bought the car last December from a private owner down in 
Northern California, and  if memory serves me the car had a new timing belt 
installed before he bought it. A local shop in Portland did some suspension 
related work on the car, and it looks like he was running Amzoil synthetic 
oil in the car.

Apparently my friend loaned this car to his accountant who was driving the 
car on the freeway at ~70MPH when he reported hearing a "Pop" that was 
described as the sound a champagne cork makes on its way out. The car was 
towed from the scene and dropped at my place.


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