[200q20v] Brake light, Brake light

Noelle Kristen Beaudin nobeau at tcnow.com
Sat Oct 20 11:27:23 EDT 2001

Hi everyone,

I have now owned my 200q20v for a couple of months.  When I test drove it
before purchase, the brake pad warning light was lite.  Having previously
owned a 5ktq that had the same problem, I thought nothing much of it and
figured we would ground the sensor wires like we did in the 5ktq.  So, before
purchasing, I asked the seller to do the same, after establishing the fact
that the front brake pads on the 200q20v had recently been replaced and that
the sensor wires just must have been hooked up wackily.

One week later my old friend the brake pad warning light lite up again.  I
spent the following weekend with friends trying to ground both sensor wires.
They were ground, but the damn light still lite up.

Last week, the parking brake light started coming on.  It flickered
occaisionally whether my foot was on the brake or not.  After reading through
the Bentley manuals I thought it may be the pump, belt or bomb.  I performed
the appropriate tests and found that nothing added up.  I then decided to
check the G002000 level and found it was way low.  Topped it off, parking
brake light problem dissappeared.  What irks me though is that in my 5ktq,
there would have been another warning light that would have told me that the
G002000 level was low.

So, my questions for the list are as follows:

1. Are there rear brake pad sensors wired in the same way as the front and
this is why I am getting this warning light still?
2. Has anyone experienced the same parking brake light problem as described
above and is this a change in behaviour from the 5ktq?  No, I don't have an
owner's manual for the 200q20v.

Noelle Kristen Beaudin <nobeau at tcnow.com>
'91 200q20v

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