[200q20v] pair of front bozos needed

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Oct 20 14:04:49 EDT 2001

Anybody hanging onto a set of front bose speakers they'd like to get 
rid of?  I need both...they're dropping out after a few minutes of 
operation and causing the Soundgate adapter to go bonkers.  I'm in 
eastern MA at the moment, wouldn't mind driving an hour to pick 'em 
up, prefer that to buying long distance, but that's OK too.

Is there any indication that the front speaker failure is different 
from the rears?  Maybe just bad solder joints?(one can always hope 
:-) I have to take my driver's side door panel off anyway to fix the 
lock, figured I would have a look at the speaker too, but if 
someone's already done that, I won't bother.

A better option seems to be repair by 3rd party(ie non Bose); are 
there any places people can recommend that either replace the amp 
board, or fix broken components on the board?  I saw one place, 
boserepair.com, but they didn't list Audi applications anywhere on 
their site, and amp boards are very much car-specific because of the 
EQ functions on each amp board...

I'm asking all this because the rear speaker failure is well 
discussed and understood, but I have never seen much talk about the 
fronts and how they fail.


Brett Dikeman
brett at cloud9.[nospam]net

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