[200q20v] H&R springs are in! (long)

Dmohlemacher at aol.com Dmohlemacher at aol.com
Sat Oct 20 19:34:27 EDT 2001

I'm all smiles.

I was able to successfully replace my front and rear springs.  (I did the 
rears a few days ago along with the rotors and pads - pretty easy)  But I was 
nervous about the fronts, seeing how much of the suspension I would have to 

After 7 hours (an hour and a half of that on a rusted/frozen ball joint) I'm 
done, car looks better and rides well too.  Book time from the local dealer 
is 5 hours at $68/hr, so I feel like I was at least in the ball park given 
that I was working on the car jacked up 18 inches (no lift yet) and $340+ 

No extraneous damage to the car, a bonus.  And I was able to thoroughly 
inspect all the CV boots, bearings, the unique UFO brake design and other 
misc parts that are hidden under there.  Another lister mentioned changing 
and repacking all that can be reached, I would definitely agree, you wouldn't 
want to do this twice in one year.

I did it per Bentley's, exactly, no modifications, and it was right on.  I'm 
not sure you could skip any steps and still have room to switch everything.  
I did read through the instructions for doing just the strut inserts and kept 
that in mind while I was doing this and the only flaw I saw is in getting the 
strut insert cap off the strut housing (again, I think someone else mentioned 
this already) So if you are going to change one (shocks or springs) I would 
strongly recommend you do both while you have it all apart.  (Mine were 
replaced with Bilstiens not too long ago)

I think our cars are one of the best stealth rides out there. Yes, an Audi, 
and the movie Ronin and the Speedvision Touring car races has made the 
marquee more popular lately as far as 'speedability', but no model number 
emblem, no "Turbo", "SC", "T6" or "T5", "GTI VR6" or "Kompressor" indication 
either, just the little 'quattro' on the front grille and integrated into the 
rear window defroster design.

I'm all smiles.

Dayton, Ohio
91 200tq 20v (lowered about 1.4 inches)
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