[200q20v] Smooth Running

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 21 17:05:26 EDT 2001

Quick question for everybody,

Noticed with the colder weather coming on my car is running smoother and 
stronger at part throttle.  Any ideas why this would be?

I know that combustion favors colder air (cold air is denser, etc, purpose 
of intercooler), but I am willing to discount that as a factor here.  I can 
see stronger running as a potential result, but I think 30 deg f. would be a 
neglible amount.  In addition, I don't think it would also lead to smoother 
running as well.  I have had fault codes come up for the intake air temp 
sensor, but I checked and found out the replacement temp value for an 
incorrectly working temp sensor is 80 degrees cel.  So, no correlation 

As an ancilary, I've noticed some weakness in the tbv but not to the point 
of constant annoying, and predictable dying.

Any ideas on what could be affected by the cooler temps?  Air temp changing 
pliability of hoses, a sensor working more effectively at temp, knock 
sensors etc.  Something is obviously going on here, but I'm not sure what to 
look for.  It would be nice if the power curve and running characteristics 
spent more time like this.


Derek P
91 200, Seattle Wa, approx average temp 45-48 f.

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