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You've probably already gotten 100 replies telling you that you will most 
likely find your speedo problems in the solder joints on the back of the 
instrument cluster pc board.  If not, consider this the first, if so, 
condider this a confirmation.

It's a pretty common problem on these cars, happened to my car, and have 
heard quite a few stories telling of the same.  I believe there are four 
(maybe two) jumper posts on the back of the pc board; the problem with the 
solder joints occurs at the connection between the female jumper terminal 
and the pc board.  Pretty fine work, but can be done (resoldered) at home if 
you're so inclined.

More information with pictures and the like can be found at  Quickly glancing through 
also noticed he speaks of steering wheel removal.  Doesn't need to be 
removed to get the cluster out, BTDT.

That site is very informative for the majority of problems you'll encounter 
with your new car.

As for the boost, not much experience there, so can't provide too much help. 
  The sjm site does have a fairly exhaustive troubleshooting list for low 
boost conditions though.  Might prove to be of some help.

Enjoy the ride!

Derek Pulvino

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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 03:19:49 EDT
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Subject: [200q20v] ~~Just became an Audiphile~~

Fellow 200 owners,

     I just became the proud owner of a 1991 audi 200q 20v today and i will 
taking delivery on thursday.  I aquired this fine beast with 86k on the odo.
Everything seemed to be in order aside from the speedo, it wobbles about 
back and forth at the apparent speed (ie:if at 60, indicator swings from 
constantly)  the tach works very well, but the engine is only pushing 1.2 
lbs of
boost (i have heard 1.8 is normal, any thoughts?).  All other things 
the car is in nearly perfect condition.  I got this car for $5900, this 
like a pretty good deal, yes?  Either way, i appreciate your quick response 
i am excited to become an active member of this list.

                                Adam Chinchiolo


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