[200q20v] vag-com cable interface plans

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Oct 23 20:26:33 EDT 2001

At 7:30 PM -0700 10/22/01, CL Wong wrote:
>Found a site that describes how to build a cable
>interface that works with Uwe Ross's VAG-Com software
>for the electrically experienced among us.
>I plan on attempting this as soon as I figure out
>where to begin.

Looks like it has good potential to fry an ECU, your laptop, or both 
:-)  I've done stuff like this, assembling electronic kits.  Unless 
you're really, really careful and inspect your work completely at 
least 2x, there's a ton of places to goof up.  Diodes, capacitors, 
etc get flipped around the wrong way, circuit paths don't transfer 
fully, contacts get bridged accidentally with solder, IC pins get 
bent by accident and don't go into sockets, etc.  I honestly don't 
think the VAG-COM package is a bad deal....i think it's $200 for 
adapter and software.

One tip...once you get VAG-COM and the adapter(or build the above), 
the VW 1551 adapter yolk that goes from an ODB-style connector to our 
two-pin jobbies costs about $30 and is obtainable from a 
dealer(there's a parts place in lower Westchester that carries it, 
starts with a Z I think.)  It's an official audi/vw part, very solid 
construction, and has little metal loops that hold it securely, etc.

Of course, I can't find mine now...arrggh :-)

Brett Dikeman
brett at cloud9.[nospam]net

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