Sway bar bushings, was [200q20v] ECU upgrade question

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Be very careful doing this. The sway bar is a big part of the front to rear
location of the front wheels. Once the sway bar is removed, things get
shaky. The wheels need to be chocked first so that they can't suddenly roll
forward or backward against the fender well. This could be dangerous.
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> Hi Steve. There are two bushings at each end of the sway bar, on the front
> and backside of the lower control arm. All the same bushings. I too was
> concerned about getting the bar out, but I put the car on ramps, so the
> weight of the car was on the wheels. Removed all the bolts and nuts, and
> sway bar fell out of the control arms. Putting it back in was as easy. Did
> you jack your car up when working on it? That may be why you had a hard
> of it.
> Gary
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> Martin,
>     Just ordered the 4 obvious rubber bushings for the sway bar yesterday
> from Anderson's (local).  Besides the two near the middle and the two at
> outer ends of the sway bar what are the other 2 am I missing?  Did you
> any special tricks for getting the outers back in?   I replaced the
> mentioned on my '86 5000 last summer and it took quite a bit of persuation
> to get the outer end lined up (using a bottle jack and loosening up the
> outer middle bolt).  The 200 has a thicker tie rod .. looks to be even
> stubborn.  Thanks,
> Steve
> Martin, Gary G wrote:
> I'm considering a chip upgrade for my 91 200TQA. Probably IA stage III.
> Question is concerning the distributor rotor. Sounds like the narrow rotor
> is hard to find. Is this really neccessary with this upgrade. What's the
> lists experience been.
> On a seperate note, I changed the sway bar bushings (all six) today.
> Twas quite easy, and I have to say, it's a noticeable improvment. Less
> and less thumping on rough roads.  Car is at 99.8 k mi.
> Gary
> 91 200TQA
> 94 UrS4
> Part 1.2
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