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Good catch Wolff!
Put another way, the swaybar is part of the control arm.  As such removing 
the sb with the car on ramps is just plain dangerous.  Major no-no. This 
procedure can be done with car on *jack stands*.  If you have problems 
getting the SB into the control arm, a firm squeeze of the swaybar can help, 
a come-along hooked to both SB arms  works well for this procedure.  Also, a 
couple of tricks....  Use a battery post cleaner or wire wheel to clean up 
the SB end threads BEFORE you remove the nuts, failure to do so compromises 
the threads in the nut or on the bar.   Always replace those nuts, at the 
very least, loctite the ones you have.  After torquing the nuts to spec, I 
dress the newly cleaned exposed threads to a healthy glob of silicone 
sealant, makes the next service mucho simpler  Failure from doing this simple 
procedure right can be catastrophic.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

Wolff writes regarding SB bushings with car on ramps:
Be very careful doing this. The sway bar is a big part of the front to rear
location of the front wheels. Once the sway bar is removed, things get
shaky. The wheels need to be chocked first so that they can't suddenly roll
forward or backward against the fender well. This could be dangerous.
"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton
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> Hi Steve. There are two bushings at each end of the sway bar, on the front
> and backside of the lower control arm. All the same bushings. I too was
> concerned about getting the bar out, but I put the car on ramps, so the
> weight of the car was on the wheels. Removed all the bolts and nuts, and
> sway bar fell out of the control arms. Putting it back in was as easy. Did
> you jack your car up when working on it? That may be why you had a hard
> of it.
> Gary

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