[200q20v] RE: 200q20v digest, Vol 1 #597 - 14 msgs

Brian Link brianl at starsys.com
Thu Oct 25 11:00:47 EDT 2001

 Wait and see maybe you will have better luck with your ecu.  I missed the 
part where you said you had already sent it in.  One suggestion is you 
might want to call t-p and make sure you will be getting the 2.5 bar 
pressure transducer along with the new code,  I believe it is necessary for 
a proper configuration.

I have the VDO 0-30 psi boost gauge.  I will usually see 21 psi max.  With 
your 20psi boost gauge you might have the thrill of pegging it for a few 
seconds.  ( boost is reduced as rpm's increase)

[Brian Link]
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Well it looks like I may have made a mistake in sending my ECU to tap.
I guess I will have to start doing more exhaustive research.
I find myself doing more reading and research than I do wrenching on the 
I am still confused with some figures, I get 1.5-1.7 bar of boost on my 
dash gauge, mostly 1.5-1.6.
When I pinch off the wastegate hose I get a solid 1.9? Is this normal?
Looking over past posts, once chip is installed the stock boost gauge is
pretty much useless? What should it show on a chipped ECU?
I have a 20lb. boost gauge, but from what I see,boost on a chipped ECU 
be ?? I have seen posts from 13lbs. to 23lbs.
Should I pick-up a gauge to read up to 30lbs.?

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