[200q20v] Broken 20 valve

Pete Kunzler pck at gte.net
Fri Oct 26 00:41:36 EDT 2001

Driving home today I did the standard first gear acceleration at about 6lbs of boost, pulled into 2nd gear at about 4000 revs and the motor flat died. Stuck on the side of the road with limited tools I was able to determine that the timing belt was ok, I had fuel pressure and no spark. $122.87 later the flat bed drops the car right into the garage. 
Later Orin and I determine that the distributor has a broken tooth. Damn, got a track day coming next weekend, this is not good timing!! 

Then I remember that the list was just talking about this a couple weeks ago.......... so, what was the consensus? Metal gear? Plastic gear? Is there a group buy or did I miss out on this?

Thanks in advance,
Pete Kunzler
91 200 20V (broken)
86 5kq 199,500 miles (borrowed) 

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