[200q20v] Argh...clutch issues

Zoot531 at aol.com Zoot531 at aol.com
Fri Oct 26 05:01:32 EDT 2001

Hello Again,

     I am still anticipating taking the reigns of the 91 200TQ i just recently bought.  Had a slight problem though.  The very courteous owner from whom i bought the car was taking it to get smogged when the Slave cylinder on the clutch decided to go South.  So this was repaired by the owner, but while it was being changd out the mechanic said that audi's with this kind of milage (89K miles...very easy miles) often had to have the clutch replaced.  Is this generally true? And if so, how much does a new clutch usually run?  Also, what would be involved if i were inclined to do this myself at home?  
                          Thank you for your time,  
                             Adam Chinchiolo

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