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I would say get another mechanic. Unless the car was abused and highly 
modified, the clutch should be good for many years to come. 
I had a release bearing wear out at about 120,000 miles and elected to do the 
clutch at the same time. Much to my surprise the clutch plate was still in 
very good condition. Looking back, I would have rather replaced the release 
bearing for $6 and old seals etc. and waited on the clutch. 

If you elect to have it done, don't forget the rear main seal and make sure 
you get NEW flywheel bolts (cuz they are stretch bolts).  The slave cyl is 
cake when the trans is out of the car. Also the trans mounts are very easy to 
do at this time if yours are bad.

If you do it yourself, you will have to remove the exhaust including the 
downpipe, driveshaft and halfshafts and the starter. A flywheel locking tool 
and alignment tool (got mine pretty cheap (used) from Zelinda automotive in 
NY) are needed. If you do the pilot bearing you will need to borrow/rent a 
puller. The main crank seal is supposed to be installed with a special tool, 
but you can use a socket or take the new seal to the hardware store and get 
something like a PVC pipe of the same diameter.

The job is very straight forward. Nothing tricky or difficult about it. It is 
helpful to have a friend help, the exhaust is heavy and the transmission 
weighs a ton. Well it felt like a ton, lying on my back in the driveway.  :)

Good Luck,
Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina
91 200 20v 137,000
87 GTI 180,000
89 911 24,000

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