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> At 3:09 PM -0400 10/26/01, jay noyes wrote:
> >Hi all, did ALL the 200q20v come with fog lights?
> No.  In fact, almost none.  It's not actually a factory option(never
> was on a type 44), but a dealer-installed item using Audi/Bosch
> parts.  I don't think the Bently even covers the wiring(which would
> have to be added) for it...
You can see my fog lights ( pic is when I bot the car on 6/1/96) just to the
left and down from the parking lights.
Notice the pearl grill and lack of quattro badges <g> BTW, purchase price
was about 16500 with 73k on the clock. Values have dropped some since then
:-(  I tried  H3 100's in them - lasted about a week - H3 55's were fine and
have lasted 5 yrs. I disconnected the rear fog and they are switched off of
the factory dash switch. I also moved the hot wire from low beams to parking
lights so I can run fogs with parking lights or reg headlights.

For those new to the list and still running DOT lights with 9004's - you can
run 9007's with more light output quite easily. I just added a 2nd headlight
connector and spliced it in off the original wiring - two wires get reversed
and you have to grind down the 9007's to fit the 9004 pattern in the
headlight bracket. Light output increases around 10% (estimated) - cost
under $20 and time under 1 hr.

helmville mt

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