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Sat Oct 27 02:28:12 EDT 2001

Here are the clip-copy Igor references sent me prior to my camber plate mod 
job, almost done, will be finished when alignment done, so far so good.


Igor's done a good thing here to document the camber plate modification.
Once you READ Igor's write-up, ensure the accuracy of your print/plot of the 
diagrams, verify the dimensions before using as a template and drilling holes.
Otherwise, you can carefully trace the existing holes, locate the centers, 
and create your own template by retracing the holes by moving the plate the 4 
mm in the correct direction.  
You essentially are moving the outer studs 4 mm relative to the inner 
studs/center big hole (where shock comes through the plate).  I used the big 
center hole for the offset reference with the 180 rotation, similar to Igor's 
I used 11/32" and 13/32" drills for the two hole sizes.  Studs went in fine 
with a hydraulic press (brother-in-law mechanics are good to have!).
BTW, on my 200 20v, I had to do a little grinding (super dremel / die 
grinder) to flatten the two piece construction, don't know required on 
S-cars. Anyhow, I wanted to ensure the studs were perpendicular to the plate 
when pressed in.  Check the under side of the plate for flatness where the 
stud holes will be drilled.

Good luck with your project.  
It helps to use a drill press and visit your "best friend" with a press.  
Otherwise rock and roll with your drill and BF hammer!
Gary in Seattle...

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