[200q20v] Recommendations for replacement turbo in a 91 200TQA

Dave Priebe dkpriebe at home.com
Sat Oct 27 00:08:16 EDT 2001

Thank you to everyone who responded about replacing my turbo. I ended up 
using a local rebuilder: P & E Systems here in Seattle. It appears that he 
did quite a thorough job. He said that he really enjoyed the challenge of 
working on a "small" K24 turbo compared to his usual marine diesel turbos! 
One thing that he did mention right off the bat, was that I had done a good 
job changing my oil so frequently. Apparently it is quite easy to tell when 
rebuilding turbos who changes their oil every 3000 miles and who doesn't. I 
should be getting my car back sometime next week from my mechanic, and then 
I should really be able to tell the difference.

So who owns the Burgundy '91 200 Wagon that was at Redmond European getting 
a new rack on Friday? Lister? Its nice to see a couple of 200 wagons 

Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
'91 200 TQA 145k
within the next 4 weeks: '95.5 S6 90k

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I am looking for some advice about replacing my turbo in my 91 200TQA.
According to my mechanic the outlet side is making a lot of noise and will
need to be replaced. The cheapest rebuilt turbo he can find is from Audi
for $1059. I have called around to the usual parts places (Blau, Parts
Connection), and they don't have any. Carlsen has new units for $1700. So,
any other recommedations for places I should check? Any good rebuilders in
the Seattle area? I have checked into upgrading to an RS2, but it sounds
like I really would need to go all the way with a chip and manifold, which
I currently am not prepared to do.

Dave Priebe
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