[200q20v] FOG LIGHTS

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Oct 28 01:49:42 EST 2001

At 11:01 AM -0400 10/27/01, hah3 at mindspring.com wrote:
>I thought everybody else's looked like mine: seat heater, defroster, 
>rear fog, ABS disable, other seat heater, cubbyhole (with springy 

I've got a cubbyhole, pretty much useless except for wallet when 
travelling, or maybe my phone.

However, I was supposed to get a coin holder, but the PO decided HE 
wanted the coin holder in his other 200 after I viewed the car. 
That, along with the newer replacement radio and a set of nice 
audi-logo tire stem caps, disappeared when I came to get the car.

I've always sort of waited for Mr. Kargatis to show up at an Audi 
event.  "Hey, remember me?  I'm the guy you lied to about MY car's 
accident* and repair history.  Say hello to Mr Aluminium Tire Wrench!"

It was my first car buying experience, and it was a sobering one; 
both for the little games the guy played, and for the realization 
that it could have been a whole lot worse.

*in the glovebox was a bottle of paint, from an auto body shop in CT. 
I later found a repair receipt buried underneath a seat(I later found 
a detailer's reciept from the first PO, an insurance exec) from one 
of the POs(there were 5 I was told) and the address on it was in 
CT...when I called, just out of curiosity, the woman on the other end 
of the phone was acting guilty as hell about something, and refused 
to tell me anything about how long they had the car, etc.  I wonder 
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