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After doing research and reading past posts (some as current AS LAST WEEK)  
1. 200q20v digest, Vol 1 #597 - 14 msgs 
  I agree wholeheartedly with Brett regarding dealing with T-P. My  personal
experience was similar, getting huge runaround and then they  tried  to bill
me for work they didn't do after I finally told them not to do any more
work. However I disagree re the Wastegate spring. I have Ned's older IA3
setup and I have tried various combinations of stock spring, shimmed stock
spring , T-P spring. The T-P spring is perfect for my setup. It ramps up
quikcer than stock spring because it is much stiffer. It adds about 2-3 psi
of boost. I momentarily spike to 22 psi, then down to 20, which bleeds down
as rpms go up. I am still pulling 15 psi @ 6000 rpm. I have slightly bigger
turbo than stock, 2B 24/26. If I disconnect the WGFV, effectively putting
the car in limp home mode, boost is way off, so I think it is safe. I even
posted to the list recently over this problem and was assured it was normal
car response. But with regard to T-P, remember it rhymes with a word
starting with "c" and ending with "rap". Of course, YMMV.
2. 200q20v digest, Vol 1 #599 - 13 msgs 
Well it looks like I may have made a mistake in sending my ECU to tap.
I guess I will have to start doing more exhaustive research.
I find myself doing more reading and research than I do wrenching on the 
3. 200q20v digest, Vol 1 #598 - 3 msgs  
Better not be an automatic transmission too.....................
IMH(Opinion) it looks like my monies on Intended Acceleration.  Any listers 
think otherwise???????
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> Hello audi people, my boyfriend tells me he wants a chip for christmas
> what do i need to know etc. How will this change the auto besides 
> performance...will it effect other stuff in the engine too??

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