[200q20v] One of 150?!?

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Sun Oct 28 22:22:35 EST 2001

I've seen some say that only 157 avants were imported into the US. Total
importation is generally accepted as being about 1000. The audi video says
that about 1500 were made for 1991.

mike miller
helmville mt
91 200q pearl/black sports seats, DOTs, Bilsteins, not chipped but a stiffer
WG spring

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> Fellow Listers,
>      First of all i would like to thank all of you that responded to my
clutch problem, we have determined that the clutch is not slipping and will
not be changing it out...lol, thank god.  Here is another thing that caught
my attention:  The man whom i purchased this car from said that he had heard
from the original owner that it was a special edition...one of only 150
imported to the US...and this "special" designation means that the engine is
more powerful and there are some other small differences.  Has anyone heard
of any special edition 200TQ's?  And if so, what exactly is it that sets
them apart?  are they really a higher performance model?  This sounds cool,
but as you can tell I am blatantly ignorant about most things Audi.  I was
actually preparing to buy a Turbo Volvo, but then reconsidered, and I'm glad
i did...this car is certainly on a different level.  Thanks again for your
prompt responses, I appreciate it.
>                                       Adam Chinchiolo
>                                       Stockton CA  UOP
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