[200q20v] One of 150?!?

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 28 21:59:45 EST 2001

At 12:40 AM 10/29/2001 -0500, Tomsaudi200 at aol.com wrote:
>I am not aware of any "special edition" '91 200 20V, as the car itself was a
>limited production car. As best as we can tell, there were approx. 800
>sedans, and maybe 200 wagons imported into the US. From my own research,
>there are only two distintions between any '91 200 20V's:
>UFO or non-UFO brakes (another lister could explain this)
>Sport Seats or Luxury (?) seats
>UFO-braked 200's with the sport seats, I believe, are the more desirable
>models (thankfully I have both). Listers have tried to get specific import
>numbers from Audi North America, and didn't get far. I find it hard to
>believe the previous owner  had any special edition car.
>If I am wrong, someone please correct me.

Don't know about the sport-seats--I believe they were a no-cost option, but 
their presence seems to be hit-and-miss--seems like most cars were brought 
in with the non-sport seats--remember that this was the last year this body 
(type 44) was produced for the world, so I suspect whatever parts were in 
the parts bin are what got put on the cars.

As for UFOs, all came equipped that way initially.  Any changeouts to the 
"conventional" configuration came about on a Tech Service Bulletin, and 
only on a customer's complaint of vibration (due to rotor warpage).  The 
factory kit for the TSB involved installing the same brakes as installed on 
the '92 S4.  Note that these are slightly different from the setup used on 
earlier 200tq.  If a non-dealer did the conversion using earlier parts, the 
rotor will be different (along with a few other parts).  This all applies 
to the V8s as well.  FWIW, the UFOs are more desirable only because they 
are a bigger braking system, more suited to the car's speed 
potential.  Replacement parts (rotors) are much pricier than conventional 
rotors.  There are fewer choices for upgrading a UFO system to big brakes 
(whereas there are many options for conventional setups).

There were a few other options & distinctions...voice-activated phone (mine 
does not have one), CD-changer, intensive washer system (I've never seen 
this on one of these cars).  For the fortunate few, the avants did not have 
the Bose stereo system; I think all the sedans came with the Bozos (mine 
now with two dead rear speakers).

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